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Shanghai Huayingtong E-commerce Co., Ltd. is one of the leading Anti-aging agent suppliers in China and a professional Anti-aging agent manufacturer. Welcome to purchaseAnti-aging agent from our factory.pls contact tom

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    Product Name:Anti-aging agent

    CAS :793-24-8


    Anti-aging agent refers to substances that can delay the aging of polymer chemistry. Most can inhibit the oxidation, some can inhibit the effect of heat or light, thus extending the service life of the product. Generally divided into natural antioxidants, physical antioxidants and chemical antioxidants. According to its role can be divided into antioxidants, anti-ozonants and copper inhibitors, or into discoloration and non-discoloration, staining and non-staining, heat-resistant or flexural aging, as well as to prevent cracking and other aging antioxidants. Natural antioxidants are found in natural rubber. Other antioxidants are widely used in various rubber products.


    It is mainly used in natural rubber and synthetic rubber, and is a polluting antioxidant among p-phenylenediamine antioxidants, which has good antioxidant efficiency and excellent protection against ozone cracking and flexural fatigue. Its performance is similar to that of antioxidant 4010NA, but its toxicity and skin irritation is less than 4010NA, and its solubility characteristics in water are better than 4010NA. It is widely used in the preparation of industrial rubber products such as aircraft, bicycle, automobile tires, wire and cable, and adhesive tape, etc. The general dosage is 0.5-1.5%. The product is not suitable for the production of light-colored products because of more serious pollution. P-phenylenediamine antioxidant is the main excellent species commonly used in the rubber industry at home and abroad, but also the future direction of antioxidant development.


    Chemwin can provide a wide range of bulk hydrocarbons and chemical solvents for industrial customers. Before that, please read the following basic information about doing business with us: 

    1. Security

    Safety is our top priority. In addition to providing customers with information about the safe and environmentally friendly use of our products, we are also committed to ensuring that the safety risks of employees and contractors are reduced to a reasonable and feasible minimum. Therefore, we require the customer to ensure that the appropriate unloading and storage safety standards are met before our delivery (please refer to the HSSE appendix in the general terms and conditions of sales below). Our HSSE experts can provide guidance on these standards.

    2. Delivery method

    Customers can order and deliver products from chemwin, or they can receive products from our manufacturing plant. The available modes of transport include truck, rail or multimodal transport (separate conditions apply).

    In the case of customer requirements, we can specify the requirements of barges or tankers and apply special safety/review standards and requirements.

    3. Minimum order quantity

    If you purchase products from our website, the minimum order quantity is 30 tons.


    The standard payment method is direct deduction within 30 days from the invoice.

    5. Delivery documentation

    The following documents are provided with each delivery:

    · Bill of Lading, CMR Waybill or other relevant transport document

    · Certificate of Analysis or Conformity (if required)

    · HSSE-related documentation in line with regulations

    · Customs documentation in line with regulations (if required)

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