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Shanghai Huayingtong E-commerce Co., Ltd. is one of the leading sulfur suppliers in China and a professional sulfur manufacturer. Welcome to purchasesulfur from our factory.pls contact tom

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    Shanghai Huayingtong E-commerce Co., Ltd. is one of the leading sulfur suppliers in China and a professional sulfur manufacturer. Welcome to purchasesulfur from our factory.pls contact tom

    Product Name:phenolic resin

    CAS :7704-34-9


    Industrial sulfur is insoluble in water, slightly soluble in alcohol and ether, and easily soluble in carbon dioxide, carbon tetrachloride and benzene. It is a Class II flammable substance with a self-ignition point of 205 ℃. Its dust or steam can form an explosive mixture with air, and it is a flammable solid hazardous substance.
    As a flammable solid, industrial sulfur is mainly used in the manufacture of sulfuric acid, dyes and rubber products, as well as in the industrial sectors of medicine, pesticides, matches, gunpowder and industrial ceramics, building materials and auxiliary materials.


    1. It is used to control diseases and insect pests and is often processed into a gel suspension. It is safe for people and animals and is not easy to cause pesticide damage to crops
    Sulfur is a multifunctional agent, which can kill mites and insects in addition to sterilization. It is used to control powdery mildew and leaf grub of various crops, and its effective period can reach about half a month. Sulfur gum suspensions used in vegetables are mainly used to control melon powdery mildew, such as cucumber, melon (muskmelon), pumpkin, etc. When used, 50% sulfur gum suspensions are diluted into 200-400 times liquid spray. Spray once every 10 days or so, generally twice for patients with mild disease, and three times for patients with severe disease.

    2. Sulfur is a mineral, which is acidic, warm and toxic, and belongs to the kidney and large intestine
    Its effect is to kill insects and stop itching for external use. It can be used for scabies, eczema and skin itching. Some people use it to burn smoke to cure itching of male scrotum or female vulva; It can also be ground and spread. It is believed that it produces hydrogen sulfide and pentathiosulfonic acid after contact with skin, which can kill scabies, mold and hair removal.
    With the development of transportation industry, radial tire will gradually replace bias tire. Therefore, insoluble sulfur as the main curing agent for radial tire production is more attractive.

    3. Sterilization
    Sublimated sulfur, also known as sulfur sublimation, contacts with skin and tissues and generates sulfide under the action of its secretion, which has the effect of softening skin and sterilization. Settled sulfur, also known as sulfur milk, can produce hydrogen sulfide and pentathiosulfonic acid under the action of its secretion in contact with the skin, which has the effect of sterilization and killing scabies.

    4. Laxative action
    Sulfur itself is not active, and it turns into sulfide and hydrogen sulfide after oral administration, which stimulates gastrointestinal mucosa, makes it excited and peristalsis, leading to diarrhea. This process requires the presence of alkaline environment, Escherichia coli, especially lipolytic enzymes. When there are many fatty substances in the intestine, it is easy to produce a large amount of hydrogen sulfide and cause diarrhea. The high concentration of hydrogen sulfide in the air can directly paralyze the central nerve cells and cause death.


    Chemwin can provide a wide range of bulk hydrocarbons and chemical solvents for industrial customers. Before that, please read the following basic information about doing business with us: 

    1. Security

    Safety is our top priority. In addition to providing customers with information about the safe and environmentally friendly use of our products, we are also committed to ensuring that the safety risks of employees and contractors are reduced to a reasonable and feasible minimum. Therefore, we require the customer to ensure that the appropriate unloading and storage safety standards are met before our delivery (please refer to the HSSE appendix in the general terms and conditions of sales below). Our HSSE experts can provide guidance on these standards.

    2. Delivery method

    Customers can order and deliver products from chemwin, or they can receive products from our manufacturing plant. The available modes of transport include truck, rail or multimodal transport (separate conditions apply).

    In the case of customer requirements, we can specify the requirements of barges or tankers and apply special safety/review standards and requirements.

    3. Minimum order quantity

    If you purchase products from our website, the minimum order quantity is 30 tons.


    The standard payment method is direct deduction within 30 days from the invoice.

    5. Delivery documentation

    The following documents are provided with each delivery:

    · Bill of Lading, CMR Waybill or other relevant transport document

    · Certificate of Analysis or Conformity (if required)

    · HSSE-related documentation in line with regulations

    · Customs documentation in line with regulations (if required)

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