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  • CAS: 108-95-2
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    Product Name:Phenol

    Molecular format:C6H6O

    CAS No:108-95-2

    Product molecular structure:








    99.5 min



    20 max

    Freezing point

    40.6 min

    Water Content


    1,000 max



    Clear liquid and free from suspended


    Chemical Properties:

    Physical properties Density: 1.071g/cm³ Melting point: 43℃ Boiling point: 182℃ Flash point: 72.5℃ Refractive index: 1.553 Saturated vapor pressure: 0.13kPa (40.1℃) Critical temperature: 419.2℃ Critical pressure: 6.13MPa Ignition temperature: 715℃ Upper explosion limit (V/V): 8.5% Lower explosion limit (V/V): 1.3% Solubility Solubility: slightly soluble in cold water, miscible in ethanol, ether, chloroform, glycerin Chemical properties can absorb moisture in the air and liquefy. Special odor, very dilute solution has a sweet smell. Extremely corrosive. Strong chemical reaction ability.

    Uses of phenol


    Phenol is an important organic chemical raw material, widely used in the production of phenolic resin and bisphenol A, in which bisphenol A is important raw material for polycarbonate, epoxy resin, polysulfone resin and other plastics. In some cases the phenol is used to produce iso-octylphenol, isononylphenol, or isododecylphenol through addition reaction with long-chain olefins such as diisobutylene, tripropylene, tetra-polypropylene and the like, which are used in production of nonionic surfactants. In addition, it can also be used as an important raw material for caprolactam, adipic acid, dyes, medicines, pesticides and plastic additives and rubber auxiliaries.

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