On the 14th, the phenol market in East China was pushed up to 10400-10450 yuan/ton through negotiation, with a daily increase of 350-400 yuan/ton. Other mainstream phenol trading and investment regions also followed suit, with an increase of 250-300 yuan/ton. Manufacturers are optimistic about the market, and the opening prices of factories such as Lihuayi and Sinopec have risen in the morning; The price of raw materials for phenol production is firm; In addition, the typhoon has affected the transportation to a certain extent. The price of phenol has risen sharply on a single day in three aspects, and the market of diphenylphenol has continued to operate at a high level, or it may continue to rise
The trend chart of the national phenol market and the offer of the mainstream regions and major factories are as follows:

National major regional phenol market trends
Phenol market trend in major regions of China
September 14 national mainstream regional and major plant prices
Prices of major regions and factories in China on September 14
Factory opening price rise
Lihua Yiweiyuan took the lead in raising 200 yuan to 10500 yuan/ton in the morning opening. Subsequently, Sinopec’s phenol price in East China was raised by 200 yuan/ton to 10400 yuan/ton, and Sinopec’s phenol price in North China was raised by 200 yuan/ton to 10400-10500 yuan/ton. Subsequently, factories in Northeast and South China also adjusted one after another, and factories raised their invoicing prices to help the market. The suppliers’ offers closely followed the previous banks, and due to the continuous tension in the current supply side, most traders offered higher prices on the invoicing prices, accompanied by higher prices, The participation of intermediate traders was improved, and the atmosphere of the on-site discussion was very good. It is reported that the supply of goods in Shandong is mainly for regular customers, and the supply is very tight.
Strong market of phenol raw material propylene and pure benzene
In terms of cost, the propylene market price continued to rise. The transaction price in Shandong is 7400 yuan/ton, and that in East China is 7250-7350 yuan/ton. Although the futures prices of international crude oil and polypropylene are low, the supply of propylene is surface controllable, the pressure on the holders is small, and the offer is willing to continue to rise. The circulation of goods in East China is limited. Affected by the typhoon, the price of automobile transportation has risen and the market activity is good. Most downstream factories purchase on demand, and there are few high price transactions. The actual orders in the market are OK.

Propylene price
The pure benzene market in Shandong Province rose by a narrow margin, and the negotiation price was 7860-7950 yuan/ton. The downstream was following up normally, and the negotiation atmosphere was good.

Pure benzene price
From the downstream perspective, affected by the continued strong growth of phenol ketone dual raw materials, the downstream cost pressure led to a narrow upward trend. The market offer of bisphenol A was 13500 yuan/ton, which also showed a phased upward trend in September.
Limited logistics and transportation due to typhoon
Since September, phenol supply has been tight, and the operating rate of domestic phenol plants is less than 80%. Compared with the long-term operating rate of 95%, the current operating rate of the industry is relatively low. Therefore, since September, the supply of phenol has been tight and the market has continued to rise. Today, the typhoon weather in East China has affected the time of cargo ships and their arrival in Hong Kong, and it is difficult to supplement the import supply. The holders are unwilling to sell, so the report rises significantly and the focus of discussion rises accordingly. However, downstream acceptance is bound to be limited, and only the actual orders need to be followed up in the market.
In the short term, the supply of phenol market is still tight. At this time, some holders are cautious about shipping, but whether the market can continue to rise is ultimately controlled by the demander. The downstream market that rose on the 14th has not been digested, but the market inquiry is active, and the participation of middlemen has increased. It is expected that the phenol market will continue to operate at a high level on the 15th, or will continue to rise. The reference price of phenol market in East China is expected to be around 10500 yuan/ton.


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