In terms of the crude oil market, the OPEC + ministerial meeting held on Monday supported reducing the daily crude oil production by 100000 barrels in October. This decision surprised the market and pushed the international oil price up significantly. The Brent oil price closed above the $95 per barrel level. As of the closing, the price of London Brent crude oil futures for November delivery was US $95.74 per barrel, an increase of 2.92%. NYSE closed its trading ahead of schedule due to a public holiday, and there was no closing settlement price of New York oil price on that day.
On Monday local time, the US stock market was closed for a public holiday. In Europe, the indefinite supply interruption of Russia’s “beixi-1″ natural gas pipeline exacerbated the European energy crisis, investors worried that the arrival of economic recession in the euro area would be faster than expected, the trend of the three major European stock markets was divided, the British ruling Conservative Party elected a new party leader, and the British stock market rose slightly; French and German stock markets fell significantly. As of the close, the UK stock market rose 0.09%, the French stock market fell 1.20%, and the German stock market fell 2.22%. From the disk view, affected by the energy crisis, industrial stocks, especially automobile stocks, were at the bottom, with an average decline of nearly 5%. In terms of individual stocks, unipal, a German energy giant and the largest importer of Russian natural gas in Europe, fell nearly 11%.
The news of the indefinite outage of the “beixi-1″ natural gas pipeline fermented over the weekend quickly “ignited” panic in the market on Monday. The October futures price of Dutch TTF natural gas, the benchmark of European natural gas prices, soared by 35% during the session, almost wiping out all the losses of last week in less than half a day, and the increase narrowed in the late session. As of the closing, the price of Dutch TTF natural gas October futures was 240.00 euros per megawatt hour, an increase of 11.80%. The intensification of the energy crisis weakened the prospects of European economic growth, and the euro exchange rate continued to decline on Monday. Among them, the exchange rate of the euro against the US dollar once fell below the 1:0.99 mark during the session, again hitting a new intraday low in two decades.
The domestic polycarbonated market is operating at a high level. This week, most of the latest factory prices of domestic PC factories have been increased, ranging from 100 to 400 yuan / ton. The bidding for PC factories in Zhejiang has ended in four rounds, up 300 yuan / ton compared with last week; Driven by the cost pressure, the prices in the East China market continue to rise, while the high prices in South China are insufficient, and some offers are lower than yesterday. At present, the prices have again risen to a relatively high level in the near future, and the short-term downstream just needs to buy is still insufficient. It is difficult to say that the attitude of the industry is optimistic, and the follow-up operation will not change. It is expected that the domestic PC market will run at a high level after rising. The price of kostron 2805 in South China is 15850 yuan / ton.

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