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  • CAS: 25037-45-0
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    Product Namepolycarbonated

    Molecular format:C31H32O7

    CAS No:25037-45-0

    Product molecular structure


    Chemical Properties

    Polycarbonate (PC) is a colorless, transparent, glassy amorphous polymer with excellent optical properties. PC high molecular resin has high toughness, cantilever beam notched impact strength is 600~900J/m. The unfilled grade has a heat distortion temperature of about 130 °C, which can be increased by 10 °C after it is reinforced with glass fiber. The flexural modulus of PC can reach more than 2400 MPa, so it can be processed into a large rigid product. Below 100 ° C, the creep rate under load is very low. PC is poor in hydrolysis resistance and cannot be used to repeatedly process articles subjected to high pressure steam.



    Polycarbonates are plastics widely used in modern industry having good temperature and impact resistance. This plastic is particularly good to work with more conventional definition techniques (injection molding, extrusion into tubes or cylinders and thermoforming). It is also used when optical transparency is needed, having more than 80% transmission up to the 1560-nm range (short wave infrared range). It has moderated chemical resistance properties, being chemically resistant to diluted acids and alcohols. It is poorly resistant against ketones, halogens, and concentrated acids. The major disadvantage associated with polycarbonates is the low glass transition temperature (Tg> 40°C), but it is still largely used as low-cost material in microfluidic systems and also as a sacrificial layer.

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