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  • CAS: 115-10-6
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    Product NameEthylene-vinyl acetate

    Molecular format:C18H30O6X2

    CAS No:24937-78-8

    Product molecular structure

     Ethylene-vinyl acetate

    Chemical Properties

    Ethylene vinyl acetate is available as white waxy solids in pellet or powder form. Films are translucent.



    Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers are used as membranes and backings in laminated transdermal drug delivery systems. They can also be incorporated as components in backings in transdermal systems. Ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers have been shown to be an effective matrix and membrane for the controlled delivery of atenolol triprolidine, and furosemide. The system for the controlled release of atenolol can be further developed using ethylene vinyl acetate copolymers and plasticizers.

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